Sales Policy

Ashly being a front runner in aluminium extrusion has a stable sales policy which is centered on our trusted franchisers who supply us with their varied product categories. Our customers include Household consumers, Builders, Fabricators, Engineers, Architects and Public sector companies against specific & mutually acceptable orders.

The international sales are transacted through direct negotiations with customers after receiving orders from them. There are different choices for the customers such as mill/ anodized/powder coated or wooden finishes. The creative requirements of our customers have always helped us design new and varied dies.

Terms and Conditions for Domestic Sale

Price: Unless stated otherwise, all our product categories are based at ex-warehouse (Kochi) prices which cover excise duty, KVAT and do not include Insurance, Freight, Octroi as well as other Govt/ Municipal levies. Pricing is effected only at the time of actual delivery regardless of its period mentioned in the Purchase Order as per the circular from our principals. 

Weight: The weights recorded as per our warehouse scale are final

Length: Unless specified otherwise, all the materials are supplied in 3658 mm (12’) length and the minimum length acceptable is 1 Meter. Any specific length between 1-7 meters can be provided without any extra charges.

Interest Charges: Interest rates are charged when the documents are not retired or the payment is not received with in 1 days or as agreed from the date of dispatch of material/proforma invoice which ever is earlier detrimental to the right to forfeit the advance, claims damages or losses and the right to dispose off the undelivered goods after waiting for 30 days at indenters’ cost.

Tolerance & Specifications: Unless otherwise stated, materials are supplied as per IS Specifications. Any omission in the description of the material required shall not entitle the customer to reject the sales agreement or to claim damages. The tolerances if any are covered under IS Specification +- 10%.

Inspection & Rejection: Inspection if any shall be carried out at our warehouse prior to dispatch of goods.  We remain responsible only till the goods are handed over to the transporter. The customer’s rejection, if any shall be suggested in writing with in 7 days from the date of actual receipt of goods or with in 10 days from the date of dispatch which ever is earlier. No complaints are accepted after the expiry of this time limit. 

Transportation: Ashly reserves the right to dispatch the materials through any reputed bank approved road transporter or carrier at owner’s risk and cost.

Change of Order: Alteration or cancellation, if any, relating to the Purchase Order shall be intimated at least 10 days earlier prior to the date of delivery. The customer shall be held liable for all the losses incurred by the Company due to such order alterations or cancellations.

Transit Insurance: Ashly’s responsibility ceases as soon as the materials are handed over to the transporter and afterwards, no claim for loss, damage in transit or short delivery will be entertained by us. In order to avoid such risks, transit insurance of materials can be arranged by the customer and the same has to be claimed from the insurance company or transporter or rather, it can be effected by us on your behalf at extra cost or at actual on specific request.

Warranty: No warranty expressed or implied shall be extended as the life of wear of the goods supplies or that they will be sustainable for any particular purpose or for use under any specified conditions not enduring that purpose or conditions may be known to Ashly.

Indemnity: The customer shall not indemnify Ashly against different damages/ losses/ penalties/ costs/ levies/ expenses/ claims/ charges/ compensations etc in any manner what so ever concerned to which we shall become liable due to the work done in accordance with customer’s specification relating to the infringement of any letter of registered Design/ Trademarks/ Patents.

Jurisdiction: The contracts between the company and the customers are deemed to be entered into at Trivandrum and hence are subject to the jurisdiction of courts at Trivandrum.

Demurrage: The customer shall be entitled to bear all demurrage charges incurred for non-clearance of materials in time after the arrival of the same at the destination or for any other cause, shall be borne by the customer.

In General: At the time of placement of the order, the customer is requested to have read the above terms and conditions and is also asked to present all details such as alloy and temper/ chemical composition, physical properties, required drawings, sample components etc.

Terms and Conditions for developing New Dies

  1. Ashly can develop new dies against Security for New Die (SND), to be deposited by the customer.
  2. The amount of SND varies depending on the type of profiles and on the unique requirements of the buyer. The precise SND shall be informed while presenting the order.
  3. The SND shall be refunded to the customer if the stipulated minimum quantity of extrusions is bought with in the stipulated period and if the minimum quantity thus agreed is not taken with in the stipulated period, the SND shall be forfeited.
  4. Ashly has fixed the minimum first lot supply for a new die at 500/ 1000 kg as per the profile.