About us

Ashly then.....

At a time when the vast & varied utilities of the ‘white metal’ was getting rarely recognized in this part of the sub continent, we boldly stepped into the trading of Aluminium extrusions with a limited labour force.

......and now!

Today, after 27 years of its inception, Ashly caters to almost 30 % of the Kerala Market making it with the Top supplier of Aluminium extrusions in the State and Third in the whole of India as well. We feel privileged to register a consistent increase in the turnover ever since the company’s incorporation which has even crossed  $12 million during the previous fiscal year. Ashly is also a trusted franchisee & the largest dealer of Jindal Aluminium Limited in the South. We are also in business participation with Sapa Profiles, Alstone International, TimexBond, Mccoy Soudal Sealants Adhesives & Foams. 

Now with the same spirit, we have entered into the manufacturing of Aluminium Extrusions alongwith the technocrats in the same field i.e., Malabar Extrusions Pvt Ltd and Crystal Aluminium Products Pvt Ltd with a capacity of approximately 7200 metric tones per annum. We are the 2nd producer of Aluminium Extrusions in Kerala state, pioneer being Hindalco (formerly known as INDAL).


What Ashly deals....

We deal with as many as 4000 types of Aluminium extrusions used for commercial as well as domestic application

  1. Alloy combinations-6063 is always available in stock and other combinations-6061 & 6351 are available on request.
  2. Profiles of all thicknesses ranging from 0.32mm onwards and numbering over 4000.
  3. Aluminium Extrusion dies up to a width of 450 mm are also available on demand.

Our Strength-Our Clientele

We acknowledge our spectacular growth to the trust reposed in us by our Clients. Their uncompromising passion and desire for product perfection is helping us to deliver quality services. This has earned us unflinching support from countless customers across the State which forms the mainstay of our strength!

Our Mission & Vision

Our Mission is to create reliable benchmarks in Aluminium Extrusion Trading and manufacturing in India especially in Kerala without the slightest erosion of quality and service. This encourages us to envision the increased acceptance and demand of this white metal in the future which has influenced the lives of millions of households and business houses in present times.

Aiming high

With a constant increase in demand and sales of quality products from our outlet & Ashly’s impeccable record of quality customer services over the last 27 years make us confident to gear up for the new emerging market. We have fixed our target for 2013 at 6000 tons.


  1. Jindal Aluminium Limited, based in Bangalore is the largest manufacturer of Aluminium extrusion products in the country with a total capacity of 60000 MTs per annum.
  2. Sapa Profiles India Pvt Ltd, a subsidiary of the Stockholm based Global giant has specialized in developing, manufacturing and marketing of value added profiles, profile based building systems.
  3. Malabar Extrusion Pvt Ltd, is a reliable & quality oriented aluminium extrusion manufacturer in Kerala with the logo, “Made for Kerala, Made in Kerala”. It is also known for its eco friendly as well as technology oriented aluminium designs.
  4. Crystal Aluminium Products Pvt Ltd, based in Calicut, is the manufacturer of Aluminium extrusions.
  5. Alstone International, a pioneer in Aluminium Composite Paneling in India has 13 branch offices and a strong distribution network. Based in Noida, UP, it has now become the largest manufacturer of ACP products in the country.
  6. Timexbond, with a wide network in the Country is one of the top manufacturers of Aluminium Composite Sheets. They have an excellent product line of ACPs of different sizes, shapes and colours characterized by durability and weather as well as impact resistance.
  7. Mccoy Soudal Sealants Adhesives & Foams Pvt Ltd is a 50:50 joint venture company between Mccoy group of India and Soudal Group of Belgium. With more than 11 manufacturing plants & the operations spread across 35 countries, it is the largest manufacturer of sealants, adhesives and Poly Urethane (PU) foams in the World.