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Aluminium self supporting step ladders are designed specifically for modern homes. Built from a special aluminium alloy, the ladders offer a safe and convenient way to reach those inaccessible heights at home, especially for cleaning ceiling fans, book shelves & lofts. Handrails, a guard rail and large platform besides PVC shoes on their legs make them completely safe. A convenient foldable design helps to tuck it away after use. So, whether it’s to hang up a favorite painting or to get your suitcases out of the loft, it’s the smart & safe way to climb up.

Ashly has a good collection of domestic self supporting ladders which fully comply with the required quality and safety norms. The sizes available are 3’, 4’, 5’, 6’, 7’,and 8’.

Self supporting ladders: These are sturdy ones which provide more reliability and safety to its users.                        

Extension Ladders: These ladders are manufactured from hollow seamless extrusions having corners radiused for sturdiness.

Wall supporting Ladders: These are the conventional ladders used for domestic purposes which fulfill the requirements of both portability and safety.   

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